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I recently bought my boyfriend a New Haven Gingerbread clock online. It is beautiful & it works. He collects old clocks, and is good at tinkering w/them. He is not sure about the alarm on it, neither was the seller. Is there any books out there or can you tell us about the alarm on these clocks? Sincerly, Karen Clendaniel

Hi, I wrote this as an "Ebay Guide" quite some time ago.
People are often confused by the alarm and alarm dial on many shelf and gingerbread clocks.The alarm itself is generally low in the case behind the pendulum. You set the alarm with the small dial under the hands. Turn that small dial (usually clockwise) so the time you wish it to go off is under the hour hand. Then wind the alarm a couple of turns. The alarm dial should move with the hour hand until it is aligned with the main dial and the alarm should ring. These are often out of adjustment and need a wire bent to function.

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