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I have owned a 8 Day Wall Clock since 1968 and have never had any problems. It strikes on the hour and the half hour. I was out of town for a week and of course the clock had stopped.  I wound the clock and set to the correct time.  I noticed the other night, the clock was showing 10:30 and struck 10 times instead of 1 time.  What do I do to get the time and the striking correct.

At some point when the minute hand is heading toward the 6 push the minuter hand past 6 and right up to 12. It may start striking at 6 but do not wait for it to strike. Go right up to 12 and let it finish striking. It should now be striking the hour at 12 and the half at 6. However, the strike will be 1 hour behind the hands. (e g It will strike 10 at 11:00.) Now gently push the hour hand back so it agrees with the strike. Now set the clock as usual.
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