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My mom has an Ithaca Grandfather Clock that she purchased in Upstate NY.  She brought it here when we moved in 1978.  It has ran great and kept perfect time all these years.  What info would you need to conduct an appraisal?

 Ithaca grandfather clocks are not worth a lot of money. If it is a time and strike spring driven they sell in the $300-$800.00. To get the $800.00 it needs to be all original, with the original finials and be in excellent shape. Most are missing the original finials and sell inthe 3-500 range. If it is one of the weight driven then they tend to sell in the $700.00 to $1300.00 range, again depending on originality and condition. If you wanted to send me some photos I might be able to tell you a bit more.


The spring driven had brass finials and the weight had wooden finials. If you send me a e-mail I can send you a copy of the original ad for your clock.


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