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Hi Tom,

A question regarding an antique Gilbert Kitchen is ringing the full hour on the hour and on the half hour.  It rings the half hour at 20 after and sometimes - but not always at 10 til.  Any ideas?  We know that the minute hand can be positioned at the hour, quarter after, half hour, and quarter to.  This is different than our other antique clocks.  

Thanks for your time,
Debbie Erickson

I looked at the movements on my two antique Gilberts and found there was only one cam for both the hour and half hour strike. Since it strikes correctly on the hour I would say there is no problem with the cam. On both of my clocks, the hour strike mechanism has nothing to do with the half hour strike.

On both of my clocks, a separate cam follower lever is used for the half hour indication. On one the lever operates a hammer which strikes a bell so it does not sound like 1:00 on the half hour. On the other this lever is attached to the gong hammer. In both cases, this lever is readily accessible without disassembling the clock or even removing it from its case since mine has a read door for access. Yours being a kitchen clock will probably require removing the movement from the case to see the lever and its actions. The lever is not supposed to be harmed by turning the hands backwards past the half hour point but I suspect an abnormality occurred that caused it to get bent.

I would definitely watch the action of the strike or bell hammer as you turn the minute hand to see if it is operating properly. If it is out of position it should be fairly easy to re bend the lever to get it to drop at the correct point on the minute hand dial.  

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