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Antique Clocks/1982 Colonial Zeeland Grandfather Birdnest


I let the weights run all the way down this week. Went to wind the clock and the Strike Pulley Drum felt off. Looked inside and the cable has bird nested behind the drum on the shaft. I cant figure out how to unwind. Is there a "neutral" lever somewhere? Thank you in advance if you could help. BTW. Clock was inherited and I finally got the old man balanced a running a few months ago. Prolly needs oil.

 Best thing to do is to find the manufacture of the movement and then go to thier website and look for exploded diagrams of the winding drums and then you can see where the click or it might be refereed to as a pawl is located. If it is on the inside of the movement you will need to remove the movement as it is almost impossible to get to them when they are there with the movement still in the clock.


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