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We just got this 1987 lippinzanner horse clock and it constantly chimes and I am not sure what to do to make it stop, it appears to be keeping good time and it was already  wound up when we got it. should we take it to a clock repair shop or is there a simple solution to the problem??? Thanks!!

If it is a wind up clock, the strike mechanism is separate from the clock itself.  It does not sound serious.  Something is not releasing as it should. If you do not feel that you can take the clock apart and try it, yes, you should take it to a repair shop.  They should not charge too much for releasing the strike mechanism.  I would call around and ask about a cost before you take it in as some shops will not even look a alarm clocks.  

I think I would try one thing before you take it to anyone.  It may sound weird but if you shake it side to side sometimes you can release it if something is just hung up.  Try it first.

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