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Hello....the other day I asked you a question concerning a stubborn Dualite hour hand removal. One more question. When the hand comes off is it a flat piece of metal like the second hand or is the hand pressed onto a split brass collar that slides on the shaft. thanks

Most smaller clocks have hands which are made as a one piece stamping. Larger clocks such as the grandfather style and the larger wall clocks generally use an hour hand that has an arbor that is swedged around the hand stamping. Sometimes the latter is difficult to remove as the hand turning simply slips the stamping within the arbor. I guess the answer is it could be either design that is on your clock.

You can usually tell as you look at the hour hand sleeve with respect to the hour hand itself if there is an intermediary brass arbor.

I have seen some clocks, too, where the hour hand is not intended to be removed from the sleeve. In this case, when the face is removed the hand, the sleeve and the hour hand drive gear all remain with the face. This is generally done on clocks which do not have an alarm or strike function as this design would complicate re assembly as it would be necessary to retime the gears as the face is installed.  

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