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We have a Trend wooden pendulum clock with a 81 Franz Hermle No jewels 351-030.  It is not running and we were wondering if it is worth getting fixed.  I know that without looking at it it would be hard to answer, but if we had some idea what it was worth, we could better understand what we could spend.  Cosmetically it appears to be in good shape, no dings or chips in the finish.

Trend is probably the maker of the case for your clock. I do not know anything about this particular manufacturer. I am quite familiar with the Hermle Co. Hermle builds many different sizes of movements and will supply them to case manufacturers.

Wooden clocks of all descriptions are available from Merritts ( and probably Timesavers ( for between 100 and 200 dollars. You might consult their online catalogs for descriptions and prices of the various clocks.

Usually when a clock stops running it is because the lubricating oil in the pivots has either gelled or evaporated. Usually it can be made to run by relubricating all the pivots. To do this you will have to remove the movement from the case as you have to get to all the points where staffs (shafts) move. You can probably do well to use a household lubricant such as sewing machine oil to do this. This would save you having to take it to a clock shop.

I hope this gives you an idea of what a new clock would cost and help you make a decision as to repairing or replacing it.

New Hermle movements are available from Merritts and probably Timesavers.  

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