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My grandmother clock (on the hour) chimes continually until the weight is all the way down. What can I do?

The most common cause of this problem is the need for cleaning and oiling. The click for the rack is sticking on its staff and cannot follow the rack as it is lifted upward. These two parts are located immediately behind the face of the clock. Sometimes you can access them by removing the hands and the face. On other designs you have to remove the movement. When working on these parts be certain the chime and strike weights are removed to prevent damage. It will probably be necessary to remove both the rack (actually a gear sector) and the click to be certain you can get all the gummy oil out of the journal. Lubricate the entire clock with a household type oil such as you would use on a sewing machine. By the way, these devices are generally held in place by a very small snap ring, be careful in removing it as they like to fly through the air and disappear. I personally have a few old tape players I use as a source for these snap rings when I lose one.

There are other causes of the problem, the most common being broken teeth in the partial gear that lifts the rack. The teeth in this gear are actually little wires. They are very hard wire however, I have found strands from cables, etc., can be used as replacements.

Weight driven floor clocks can be best observed with the movement installed in the case and the face removed. You can put the hour hand back on to trip the movement to be certain it is operating properly and to observe malfunctions.

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