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I have a Hawk Wm L. Gilbert pendulum clock.   It was my great grandfathers and runs great.  It chimes on the hour (full chime) and once at the half hour.

The clock seems to have a separate wind for an alarm.  In the case there is the hourly chime bell and them a separate alarm bell with a wind.    However, I can not figure out how to set or otherwise control the alarm.

Hi, I wrote this as an "Ebay Guide" quite some time ago.
People are often confused by the alarm and alarm dial on many shelf and gingerbread clocks.The alarm itself is generally low in the case behind the pendulum. You set the alarm with the small dial under the hands. Turn that small dial (usually clockwise) so the time you wish it to go off is under the hour hand. Then wind the alarm a couple of turns. The alarm dial should move with the hour hand until it is aligned with the main dial and the alarm should ring.
These often need an adjustment between the alarm and the lever on the movement that rides on the back of the alarm dial. This can be done by bending the wire that connects the two. The other way is to gently bend the lever on the alarm that connects to the wire. If you look at the back of the alarm dial you will see it is a snail or cam with a drop at 12. The wire must hold the alarm from going off when the actuating lever is on the high part of the snail. But when it falls the wire should be loose enough to allow the alarm to go off.
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