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Other than letting the chimes run down - and I am not sure which of the three windings does that - is there a way to silence the chimes. It's a Bulova Westminster triple wind mantle clock. It says 340-020A on the movement.

Looking at a picture of the 240-020 Hermle built movement I see a lever sticking out from between the movement and the clock face. This lever is on the left looking at the front of the clock and on the right looking from the back. There is a hole in the lever to attach a wire for remote operation of this lever. I am not exactly certain what this lever does but think it may be a shut off for the chime and strike.

The center winding arbor is for the time and the left facing the face is probably for the chime. The right one is then for the strike. This clock does not use a pendulum but has a hairspring and balance wheel for timekeeping.

Another method of silencing chimes is to tie the hammers up so they can not drop to the chime bars. Still an alternative to this would be to place a soft cloth or tab so they cannot hit the chime bars.  

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