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Ansonia clock  
I recently inherited this from my great grandmothers estate. I know that it is a A Sonia but am not sure as to the model or era. It has 2 keys that wind the time and one that winds the chime. There is a brass plate on the inside that has l ll lll llll. There is an A inside a design on the dial. I love this clock and would like to know more about it. It is 4ft 10in high and base is 16 in

This is the "Prompt" model and was made c. 1900. One key should fit both sides. The plate at the bottom is a "beat scale". When the clock is level, the pendulum should rest at the center of this scale and should move equally in each direction. The A inside a square inside a diamond is the Ansonia trade mark. My price guide from 1989 lists this model at $800. Prices have changed a lot since then with many coming down.

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