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With The Recent Passing of A Dear Friend, I Became The Proud Owner of An Exquisite ANSONIA Clock.  As I've Always Been Quite Intrigued By The Piece, I Began Scrolling and Clicking Through What Seems Like Thousands of Websites and Images, Trying Just To Identify The MODEL NAME, So That I May Then, Find Some Actual History/Information On The Clock.  I Began My Search Over 18-Months Ago, and Have Yet To Identify The Model Name of This Ansonia Clock.  Any Assistance Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

For Your Reference, I Have Attached The Following Two Photos.

Well, I found your clock but with only a very bad pic. If you look closely you can see the angel, sphinxes and twisted columns. The model is California and was made about 1894. The original price was $100. The value of $1000 is from 1989. I do think at least $1000-1500 would be proper for insurance purposes. Clock prices have changed since then, with many losing value.  

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