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Good Morning, I have taken in an early Colonial (Zeeland, MI) 3 weight floor clock for repair and it is missing 2 weights.  I need weights/shells for it. 2 are 2.5 x 10" od, and weigh 14.5 lb. The other is 3.0 x 10" od, and weighs 29 lb.  Any ideas?


Merritts ( offer a variety of floor clock weights and cases, however, they do not any that weigh as much as 29 lbs.

Are you sure this clock requires one weighing 29 lbs? Some large clocks such as those in church steeples, etc., have that heavy a weight but most household type clocks use something in the 7 to 12 lb. range. The heaviest weights are generally used on clocks with the Whittington chime as it has to deliver a great many hammer blows per hour.

I doubt a cast iron weight 3 inches in diameter and 10 inches long would weigh 29 lbs. It would probably be necessary to fill one of the larger weight cases with lead to obtain this much mass.

Another possibility is to use 3 inch diameter drain, waste and vent tubing. This would be available in the plumbing dept. of most home improvement stores. You could fill the tubing with washers or anything that would be available to produce this much weight. Plugs are available to serve as end caps. These can be soldered in place and should hold quite nicely.
I would polish the tubing on the outside and spray with clear lacquer so it will retain its shine after all the soldering is done.

Again, I would verify that the weight has to be this heavy. One way to do this would be to put temporary weights consisting of heavy metal objects and determining how little weight can be used and still have each of the clock functions still perform properly.

Of course, if you have a manual that says these weights are this heavy, this is the way it would have to be done.

There are some 31 day clocks which use these extremely heavy weights, however, these are kind of rare as most clocks have to be wound once a week.  

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