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The pallet and the escapement wheel do not line up properly. There is too much play in the escapement wheel between the plates. I tried to move the wheel a little but no success. I also tried to move the deadbeat escapement pallet but to no avail. Could a person use a small washer over the pivot under the plate? The clock is an E.N. Welch Reg. #11 30 day with bits hand. Or would that cause to much wear on the pivot shaft?

First,check the plates to make sure neither is bent. I can't figure how else this could happen. But if pushing the EW over works, I think you have a good idea with a washer. However, I suggest you try a bushing as I think it would fit better and not be sloppy as a washer can be. I can't see the movement so I don't know how much you have to move the EW. A question like this is hard without actually seeing the movement. See what you can do and let me know if you need more info. (Also let me know if it comes out right.) btw Great clock! My personal email:

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