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Please help, I sincerely appreciate your time in taking my question. It is a Sunday, hopefully enjoying with your loves and/or doing your favorite past time.....Bless you! It's not an urgent matter. Hope the question is in your line of experience, expertise, and professionalism. I just recently purchase this clock. After plugging the clock to the wall socket it worked fine. However, after setting the appropriate time. The hour and every quarter chimes run continuously and do not stop. I have searched through other websites for an answer. The closes I came to resolve my dilemma. Was to turn the clock upside down and reset the clock, which does work, but it continuous with the same malfunction.....Sincerely have a good day!!!!! Pete.....

General Electric Corporation bought out Telechron sometime during the 1930's. Since I have a GE movement that I can look at I checked to see what could be wrong. The GE has a lever with an idler gear on it which engages the chime drive. When it is time to chime, this lever moves into the chime position when the chime has traveled a certain distance the lever is pushed so the gears disengage. The usual cause of problems in this area is oxidized or otherwise gummy oil or the complete lack of oil. I would remove the movement from the case and clean it with a solvent such as carbeurator cleaner. Use the squirting straw and be especially careful to get all of the pivot points. Do this in a well ventilated area as the cleaner is quite flammable. Operate the levers and gears as you are doing this. Allow the clock to dry thoroughly then relubricate it. Organizations such as Merritts ( and Timesavers ( sell special oils for clocks but I have found household oils such as sewing machine oils work well.

there is a possibility there could be a bent or broken pin in the shut off mechanism. There is also a possibility that partial disassembly of the clock may be required in order to get these levers to operate as freely as they need to.

Yes, I did enjoy my Sunday as we met with two of our children and several grands for a late lunch.  

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