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QUESTION: I have been unsuccessful at getting the fellow to go up and down his ladder that is on the front of my newly purchased farmer's daughter cuckoo clock.  Everything else used to work perfectly, including the music box and girl coming out of the window.  I don't know how the chain is supposed to interface with a black grooved rubber wheel that is on an axle behind the left bellows.  ( I think it operates the guy's movement, but I just don't see how the chain should be connected there. )  The previous owner suggested I wrap the chain around this grooved rubber wheel, which I did, and now that whole side of the clock is motionless. (So obviously that wasn't right.) Previously I had the chain fastened to the cog wheel at the top which interfaced with the girl and the music box, and everything there was working fine except the guy never moved.

Can you please help me - either by sending me pics of how that chain should be positioned or if you can explain it to me in laymen's terms?... THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance.  And Happy, Healthy New Year!

ANSWER: most operate by the chain passing beside and against the rubber wheel and turning it as the chain moves with just the passing friction.

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QUESTION: So are you saying that the chain, just byhanging down on either side of this rubber grooved black wheel, should have enough friction by just touching this wheel to move the fellow up and down the ladder?  FYI: It was like that before and the man didn't move.  ( This is when the previous owner suggested I wrap the chain around that wheel which definitely isn't correct. ) Is there some kind of adjustment or something I can do to make the chain touch that wheel so there is more or at least enough friction to move the guy up and down?

( THANKS again for your help. )


ANSWER: yes I think so--take the back off and move the man up and down by hand from the front and see what has to turn in the back ---it is not the best design, btw  can you post a rear inside photo to help me remember?

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QUESTION: Okay... here are a few images I had a friend take of the chain, et al, that should move the guy up and down the ladder.

Thanks for all your time and help.



it seems like I thought that the chain with the weight on it as it is going down, passes by the rubber roller and should turn the black plastic 2 lobed cam gear and lift the wire attached to the man, up and down. The wire rides on the cam gear -might need some oil on the edge of the plastic gear or some such?  

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