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Just had my clock cleaned and serviced.  The clock is running about 6 hours too fast. Click clea near was rude! What can I do to adjust time?

Six hours is a lot of time to be fast.  That means that the pendulum is way to short.
It sounds like maybe the suspension spring may have slipped and is not in place.  If you follow the pendulum up to the top most point there will be a very thin spring that may be attached to a rod coming from the clock back plate.  It should be attached with a pin through the rod.  This spring should be pulled tight to the rod.  The pendulum will then hang either directly on the end of the suspension spring or maybe from an extension that is connected to the spring rod.
Make sure this train is all pulled down as far as it can be.  Do not pull too hard on the spring or it may break.  If this is all good, then the problem is that the pendulum is adjusted to short.  You will have to adjust the pendulum nut so that the pendulum gets longer.  This will slow the clock.  You may have to adjust it a few times to get it running correctly.

Try this and let me know if you have more problems.

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