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I have an antique clock that I can not seem to find any information on the web about.  It says on the back, "N. Muller NY No 14" on the back.  Is there anything you can tell me about this clock?  Thank you for your time.

We were able to find a few sites on the Internet that referred to the Muller NY clock. However, we were not able to copy them for emailing. If you go to and type in the search N Muller NY no 14 it will bring up a picture of the clock.

It appears Muller NY was a manufacturer of clock cases and used commercially available movements made by Waterbury and possibly others. If your movement has the escape wheel located behind the rear plate, it is probably a Waterbury. They also used a Welch movement which would have been identified with the country of origin. They marketed a wide variety of cases to suit the needs of the customer.

Many of the movements made by US manufacturers were not stamped with the manufacturer's name, possibly because they did not have quality control over the case manufacturer. To the best of my knowledge, Muller built a quality case which was quite attractive. I think you have a fine piece.

There was a clock on ebay which was modified by the addition of a battery movement and the dial replaced with one without winding arbors they wanted US $3500 for.

If you go to and type in your clock you will find quite a few sites related to your clock.

This clock may not look like yours, as I stated, Muller made a wide variety of case styles. Not having seen a picture of your clock I do not know if this one is like yours.  

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