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grandfather long
grandfather long  

grandfather face
grandfather face  
Hi, I'm not sure if you are able to help but my wife's aunt passed and they put a grandfather clock in storage for her in Virginia.  They want us to go and pick it up however before I make the trip, arrange for shipping ..etc. I just wanted to see if you knew what the maker was.  All I have is the two pictures they sent me.  They, for whatever reason, are also unable to get back to the facility to send me better ones so this is all we will be able to get.


I don't know the maker but this is a fabulous clock. It is from the 1890-1910 period. It is obviously all hand carved and of great quality. It appears to have Westminster chimes and the moon phase is wonderful. It could have been made in this country or Europe and is probably marked on the dial as being from a big retailer of the time such as Tiffany & Co. or Caldwell of Phila. or Bigelow-Kennard of Boston among others. It probably chimes on tubes which will give it a great sound. I would guess the value to be $5,000-10,000. Go get it! Send more pics when you can take them.

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