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Hello, I'm looking to purchase a non-working
Clock model# 4899 the pendulum has been
removed and not sure about weather the
Weights have been set but I'm sure it needs
Someone to re-set the weights & pendulum
Could you please let me know what the vaule
Of this clock might be, overall condition it
Listed as good. Thank you for your time. &
JD Weissinger

A few years ago my son in law bought my daughter a very beautiful Howard miller floor clock. It seems like he paid $1000. for it working. This was half what it sold for new about 10 years before. Bill and I set the weights and pendulum. The clock was cable operated and the cable was very badly snarled on the drums. However, with a little patience we were able to clear it so it would run. If you elect to purchase this clock and the weights are still on it, I would recommend installing hooks in the bottom of the case and placing rubber bands between each cable and its respective hook. Of course, you will have to have the weights fairly close to the bottom to do this. Installing the pendulum is very simple as it simply hooks on the suspension rod. As I remember her clocks had a self adjusting escape pallet (verge). After installing the clock we simply gave the pendulum a good swing and it ran very well after this. If the clock uses a chain to suspend the weights, it is much simpler to transport and rehang the weights as the chains do not snarl as badly as the cable.

While you doing service on the clock, it would be well to oil it. Most cases of clocks not functioning properly are caused by lack of lubrication. Be certain to get every pivot lubricated as a dry pivot will wear rapidly and may keep the clock from running or chiming. I have found household oils work quite well in clocks such as sewing machine oils.

I am not personally familiar with the 4899 model number. I am assuming it is a floor clock as there are not many designs of clocks which use weights as power. I hope this information is of use to you and good luck with the clock.  

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