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New Haven Clock
New Haven Clock  

New Haven Clock
New Haven Clock  
Hello Barry,

I have been given an antique clock by a couple. Based on some personal research and a stamp found under the clock face plate this is an American made New Haven clock.

The stamp would indicate this is from the late 1800s. And close examination of the wood front and the painted glass would indicate that this is all done by hand. To me that is amazing.

I think this is a gem. As a hobbyist antique refinisher this is quite a find.

Any expert feedback you can provide would be appreciated. If you could also give me some input on market value that would be helpful as well.

I have many more photos if required.

Thank you.


You are right about New Haven and the date. But otherwise I'm afraid I have to bust your bubble. These clocks were not hand done. The wood is basically flat boards which have the design stamped in. The glass was stenciled or silk screened. The value is $75-125.

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