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I have a grandmother'clock from colonial  it is model 1615. Movement 122 and dial CI.  I wounded it recently and must have done something wrong for now the minute gets stuck at 10,2 5 and8.  The pendulum stops when the hand sticks so i have to manually push the minute hand and restart pendulum. Then minute hand gets stuck again.  It appears the minute ha d is not touching anything so i dont believe that is the problem.  I would appreciate any suggestions

The positions of the minute hand you mentioned are points where the chime trip rod is rising and a little bit higher friction is to be expected. However, this friction is normally not enough to stop the clock. Your problem could be as simple as lack of lubrication where the four pointed star cam raises the trip arm. Sometimes the oil used to lubricate the rest of the clock may not have enough film strength to lubricate this point. I have used petroleum jellies such as vaseline on this very slow moving portion of the clock.

Try lifting the trip arm and see how much effort it requires. Do this with the minute hand turned  two or three minutes past one of the chiming points and see if it is hard to lift. It should take minimal effort. Also, try doing this with the chime stop pin backed off from the trip lever and see if you encounter high friction.

It is difficult for me to pinpoint excatly where the problem is, however, if the clock is chiming and striking properly when you assit the minute hand I think you will find the problem is somewhere in this cock and trip mechanism which controls the chime function. The fact it acts at all four cock points indicates the problem is not with the trip cam as it would be unusual for all four star points to be worn equally.

Feel free to get back to me if you need further assistance.  

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