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We have a Hanson grandfather clock that we have put in our hallway. It chimes on the quarter hour and the half hour and on the hour, it bongs. Is there a way to turn the chimes down so we can sleep at night?

If this is an older clock, I would take a look at the chime and strike hammers and see if the tips are still in good condition. These tips are made of plastic or leather and soften the blow of the hammers. Tips are available from Merritts ( and probably Timesavers to fit Hermle movements. They also have new hammers available which you can fasten on to the existing rods. If the tips are in good condition, you may have to resort to replacing the tips with a softer material, ie plastic with leather, or bending the hammer rod so they do not strike the chime bars (or tubes) as hard. Another possibility is to shrink a 1/4 inch length of heat shrink tubing over the chime bars where the hammers hit.

It is vital that the chime bars are not hit by the metal of the hammer if a good sound is to be had. Also, this direct hitting definitely increases the volume level of the chime and strike function.

I hope this is helpful to you and enjoy your fine clock.  Also, Happy Thanksgiving.

Some clocks have a silent position on the chime selector which lifts all the hammers. Another method of silencing a clock is to remove the chime weight. I do not recommend this on cable driven clocks as the cable likes to fowl when it is not under tension. This does work quite well on chain driven clocks.  

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