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i have a mantel clock inside JAK stamp original kieninger numbers 3623 under stamp also 14.5CM made in germany, what can you tell me about the clock it has been in our family for about 60 years i believe

Congratulations on your having possession of a nice family heirloom. Kieninger is said to be the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical clocks. They are now owned by Howard Miller who apparently bought them to have a source of high quality movements for their line of clocks. If it is stated it was made in Germany and is at least 60 years old, it was probably manufactured before the mid 30's when Germany was involved in WWII. Those clocks manufactured after WWII and before German reunification in 1989, were marked made in West Germany.

This exact movement is no longer available and it has probably been replaced by an updated version. The 14.5 cm refers to the distance between the top of the movement and the bottom of the pendulum rating assembly (very bottom of the pendulum).

It is difficult to establish the exact age of clocks, however, those built before 1910 generally had a counting wheel movement which did not automatically synchronize the chime to the hour hand. Most clocks built from 1925 on had rack and snail movements which automatically synchronized the two provided the hour hand was properly installed.

If you do not know the history of the clock, it might be a good idea to oil it even if it is still running. I have found household oils such as sewing machine oil seems to do well for this. Organizations such as Merritts ( and Timesavers ( sell oils for this purpose. They also have winding keys, new dial faces, etc. if you have need of them. Be certain to get every point where a staff rotates in the side plates. Toothpicks are quire vaulable for doing this.  

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