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I just bought my clock from an antique store. My question is what to do if it seems to be running slow ? It losses about ten minutes every 24 hours or so. It's my belief that I adjust the weight on the pendulum to make it swing slower or faster. I don't know if this is correct and if so which way and how much to I adjust it. Up or down ?

Sorry for the delay but I thought I had answered this question.

The weight of a pendulum has little to do with the beat rate of the clock. The length is the critical thing. Shortening the length increases the speed at which the clock operates and is what you need to do. I assume your clock has a front accessible pendulum with a knurled nut on the stud uder the pendulum bob. This is called the rating assembly, what you should do is turn this knurled knob clockwise facing the bottom to raise the pendulum an 1/8 inch or so. Since this is basically a micrometer type adjustment this may require three or four turns of the nut to achieve as much correction as your clock needs.

Clocks where the pendulum is not readily accessible frequently have an adjustment through the face of the clock which raises the suspension spring or lowers the guide over the suspension spring. Sometimes the suspension spring gets torn loose and hangs from the wrong point as a result of moving the clock with the pendulum bob in place. You might want to check this. Generally the spring can be returned to its proper position and the clock adjusted for proper timekeeping when this is the case.

Feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions.  

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