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Antique Clocks/100 year old grandfather clock wont't chime.


Here is my question, I have a 100+ year old grandfather clock that was purchased in Germany.  We have recently moved from Albuquerque to Seattle.  When we were in Albuquerque the clock ran beautifully chiming on the hour and never lost a minute.  Now that we have it set up here in Seattle, it is keeping beautiful time but, I can not get it to chime.  The "master fly wheel" will turn but the arm that has the hammers won't move.  The mechanism travels in its own box and I found a long screw type fitting in the bottom and have no clue as to where it goes.  Can you advise me on this?

What you found in the bottom of the case was probably the pin that actuates an extension of the arm that lifts the hammers. It screws into a spoke on a gear in the strike gear train. There is probably a widening of the spoke where the pin is screwed or pressed in. It should be possible to reinstall this pin in the gear if it is of the screw in type. If it is a pressed in pin it will probably be necessary to partiallly disassemble the movement to press in the friction fit pin. Sometimes the hole becomes elongated and it becomes necessary to solder the pin into place from the back side. In any case, the movement will probably have to be removed from the case to make the necessary repair.   

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