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ansonia front
ansonia front  

back of clock
back of clock  
I found an ansonia figural clock & I'm having trouble identifying it. I've looked on numorous sites, found similar ones, but not this one. The clock face has "ansonia clock co patented" on it. The figure is a woman, bare footed,  seated in a chair to the right of the clock. On the back of the clock in the middle it says: Ansonia Clock Co, patented June 14, 81 New York, USA. In the lower left hand corner: patented June 13, 1882. In the lower right hand corner it has the number 6 1/2.
       If you can be of any help it will be greatly appriciated. And thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Most statues on these figure clocks are the same as the black mantel clock ornaments or toppers. I was not able to find your clock but I did find the statue called "Reflection". So this would also be the name of the clock. These clocks were made into the 1920's but yours is an earlier one as it does not have the trademark on the dial as later ones have. It is probably 1882-1890's. I searched all my literature but could not find this statue on a clock. I'm sending a scan from the original catalog of clocks with the same base but different statues and also of the statue. Value is about $200-300. The number 6 1/2 is the pendulum length. The hands are not original and should be slender spade hands as in the scan.

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