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My clock runs great except for the half and hourly music movements... the clock locks up if the music is engaged

Music boxes are the most difficult movement to adjust.  If the clock is at least 15 years old you may have to replace the music box as sometimes the bushings wear out and there is no repair, just replace.  I do not know what brand movement that you have but it may be able to be adjusted.
Regula movements are the easiest to adjust but they can be hair pullers as well.  What I usually do is place the clock on a stand and look into the back. Move the minute hand and activate the music box.  Just watch it and see if you can tell where it is locking up.  You may be able to adjust the problem.  I can not tell you what to do as I would have to see the clock.
They are all different.  If you would like to send us the clock we would be glad to look at it and quote you a repair cost.  Or if you have a local clock repair shop that you can take it to, try him.  If you decide to send it to us, please package it well and do not send any weights or anything that can be removed from the case.  I have weights to test it. Do send the pendulum. You may have to adjust the time when it is returned as I will clean and oil the movement and repair the music box.  Please send the clock and a $25 estimate fee to us at: Kiefer Appliance,
4511 Monona Dr. Monona, Wi. 53716.  We will call you with an estimate of repair and if you allow us to repair it, the estimate fee will be deducted.  THank you.

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