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My New Haven 7 day clock isn't strickig. It was a gift and was cleaned and adjusted prior to me receiving it.
It keeps perfect time, winds fine and sounds as if it's going to chime... then nothing.
I have no knowledge about antique clocks other than they're beautiful :)
Is there somthing I'm missing other than keeping it wound?
Thank you

It would seem like whoever cleaned, oiled and adjusted your clock may have an obligation here regarding the failure to chime. If he completely disassembled the movement to clean it, there are many opportunities for making mistakes which would cause improper operation. If it was simply removed from the case for service, there are still things that could get damaged or bent.

The first thing to do is to ascertain whether the strike train is going through the motions of chiming. If it is, see if the hammer(s )is lifting and dropping. If it is not dropping onto the gong you may have to bend the rod a little bit so it hits once and stops a short distance away. If the chime train is not running at all, check to be sure all of the gear staffs (shafts) are properly installed. Also see if you can get the chime to operate by lifting the trip lever. Do this with the hour hand about 5 minutes past the hour or half hour point.

After you have done this, feel free to get back to me for further recommendations. You can directly email me at or send me a follow up on All Experts.

A picture of the movement might be helpful.  

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