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Antique Clocks/Sessions 8 inch octagon drop clock (schoolhouse?)


The info I have: on dial it says "Made by the Sessions Clock Co. Forestville,Conn.USA The label on the back says DROP OCTAGON and has instructions on how to set it up and instructions on the chime and calendar. This clock strikes on the half hour and the hour only. I have it 60 years and it has been running  continuously I would like to find out the approximate date of manufacture so that my daughter will have some idea of it's value. I have 2 other antique clocks that I also picked up when cleaning basements (cellars)while working my way through College. I have been able to identiify them by name and approximate date of manufacture.  Thank you for your TIME. Nicholas F. D'Agrosa

This style of clock was popular for a long time and remains so. The Sessions Company did not exist until 1903 so your clock is no older than that. It could have been made as late as the 1930's. A short drop octagon is worth $100-150.

Sessions made the same case and movement for many years and had no serial number or dating system. Because you find something hard to believe does not mean it's not true.

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