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This clock chimes on the half hour and on the hour.  Right now it is chiming 6 times at 5:30 and one time at 6.  How can I synchronize the clock to chime correctly without damaging the springs?
It also has a sch 2 stamped on the clock workings and well as w & h.

There are two ways to synchronize the movement depending on what type of movement you have.  
First try to move the minute hand rapidly past the 6 or 12 which ever is closest to the current placement and go right to the next chime cycle (6 or 12).  On some movements this will reset the half hour and hour correctly.  You then may have to move the hour hand to the correct hour.  If this fails, you can take the minute hand off the main arbor and reinstall it 1/2 hour ahead or back.  It will fit either where it is or 180 degrees off.  There is either a small screw or tapered pin holding the hand to the shaft.  This should solve your problem but if this doesn't work please contact me again.  If the movement is getting dirty and sticking, it may go off strike again.  If this happens it is time to get the movement cleaned and oiled.  

We do offer this service if it is needed.

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