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Keeps perfect time but won't chime.

There could be a number of causes of this problem. I ran into one recently where the weights were installed on the wrong chains. On this clock the one that powers the Westminster chime is heavier than the other two. On this clock it was the one on the right facing the clocks face. Correcting this problem got the chime and strike working properly. I would check this out first by weighing the weights and make certain they are installed correctly.

Another possibility is the movement needs to be cleaned and oiled. Clock lubricants tend to oxidize and become gummy with age. This will prevent the rack from dropping when tripped by the minute hand staff cam. I have found carburetor cleaner works well for this. This will require removing the movement from its case. You may want to remove the trip mechanism parts from the front of the movement being certain all the old oil has been removed. Allow the movement to dry thoroughly and re lubricate it. Sewing machine oil works well for this. Be certain to get every pivot point as any points you miss will be subject to high wear. Also be certain to lubricate each gear as well as the chain sprocket or cable drums and their ratcheting clicks on the large gears at the bottom.

After you have reinstalled the movement, install the weights and turn the minute half staff with the minute hand and see if the chime trip mechanism is active. If it is reinstalll the face and hands and you should be good to go, otherwise trouble shoot the reason these components do nto drop properly. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.  

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