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I have a Salem 4" Ship's Bell clock, movement made in Germany, only number on movement is m400. I've been told told the escapement is broken and would cost $375 to repair. Is there a chance a Hermle #2117 Quartz Ship's clock movement would fit the case? I'm pretty handy but certainly not a clock repairman. I am having trouble finding exact measurements for the quartz movement...different sites differ in "length" from 4" to 4 3/8". Any thoughts?

Before you decide to go with a quartz movement let me do a little research and see if I can repair the original movement and maybe give you some idea on cost.  I am a firm believer in repairing the old original movement.  The value of the clock will be lost if you replace the old movement.  Please respond to this email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you.

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I have consulted with a friend of mine that is also a clock repair person and he agrees with me that we would not want to commit to a repair without seeing the clock.  If you would like to send the clock to me, I will be glad to look at it and see what I could do.  I will then be able to quote you a fairly accurate cost of the repair.  Keep in mind that you will have shipping both ways before I can tell what the repair will cost.  If I can repair the clock, I do not think that the cost would be nearly as much as you were quoted but that is just a guess.  If you decide to ship it, please go to our web site as all of the shipping instructions are there.

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