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I have a large working Ingraham Synchronous mantel clock radio.  The serial number is 86580.  Original finish; cord; cloth; case, clock face in excellent condition.

Would like information, date & value

The only problem is that there is a humming with the clock.  Is that something just to live with.



It sounds like you have an interesting and rather rate piece. I could not find any reference to this clock radio in my Ryders manuals which are rather thorough in their scope. I did find a few listed on ebay which sold for $55.00. It did not have the model number. The one on ebay was a 1935 model.

The use of a cloth cord indicates yours was built before 1937 as just about everything was rubber cord by then. I could give you a better estimation as to its age if you could give me the tube type line up for the radio.

It is probably not normal for this clock to make a loud humming sound. Possibly, there is something loose in the motor mounting. Frequently the radios will hum as a result of the filter capacitors drying out with age. However, you described the radio as being operational so this probably is not the problem.

I imiagine it uses tubes such as the 6A7, 6D6 and 75 which had 6 and 7 prong bases. These were used from 1933 until 1935. Octal bases became popular in 1936. These had 8 pins some of which sometimes would be missing an alighnment key in the center. 1933 and earlier radios used tubes such as the 24, 27 and 35. These came out in approximately 1930. Clcok radios built before 1930 would have been very large and would have been of the floor standing grandfather style. You state your clock is rather large indicating it might use these older style globe tubes such as the 47, 45.

A few years ago I purchased a radio which was installed in a cabinet which made it look like an occasional table when the doors were closed. I had difficulty located serice literature on the radio as the radio manufacturers name did not appear on the dial or the chassis. However, when I began repairing it, I noticed all the small capacitors were imprinted with the name Arvin. I went to the Arvin section of my Ryders and located the literature which simplified repair. If you have the radio out of the case, you might check the small components and let me know if there is any radio manufacturers name on any of the parts.  

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