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Hello, I have my grandmother's antique Junghans mantle clock. For whatever reason, it stopped chiming (still keeps perfect time). It has three key winders on the front…the middle one keeps the time, the outer two are frozen in full wind (over-wound? I have been careful). Any hints at what I should be looking at are greatly appreciated!!!

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Try one thing before getting the clock repaired.  Put pressure in the opposite direction that you would wind the right side spring.  This is the quarter hour spring and it has to activate before the hour will operate.  After turning the key backwards with pressure, move the minute hand to any quarter hour strike position.  You should hear a slight click.  If it does not activate in the first position, move the hand to another positions and so on.  If you can not get it to activate in any position, you will have to have the movement cleaned and oiled.  The problem usually is in the right spring.  If it is wound too tightly, it may not want to unwind correctly.  The spring should be lubricated so it will not stick as it probably is just dry.  If you do happen to get the spring to activate, keep placing pressure on the right spring and let it strike a number of times.  This may unwind the spring enough to operate correctly in the future.  If you do get it working again, do not wind it as tightly as it was wound.  

If this procedure does not work and you do not have a clock repair shop locally, you can send the clock to us. We will be glad to clean and oil the movement.  You should only have to clean and oil a movement ever 10 years or so.

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