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I have a vintage elec. AC clock I took apart to clean and oil,and when I put back together,the hands were loose.The min hand falls from the 12 o'clock position to the 6.Bad tension.How do I adjust this?Somebody told me it was a tension spring problem?Please explain your answer in detail,so I can understand.Thanks!....Dana

It is really hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the clock.  I can give you my best guess.  If the problem is in the hand, it is a simple fix.  You will have to make the hole in the hand a little smaller.  This can usually be done by using a small hammer or pliers and gently tapping around the hole.  This will make the hole smaller and it should fit tightly on the shaft.  If the hand is tight on the shaft and it is slipping internally, this is a different story.  There is a gear on the back side of the hand shaft that has to mesh with a gear on the movement.  Check to see if these gears mesh as they should.  If not, you will have to trace the problem through the gears until you find out which gear is slipping. Sometimes a gear will start to slip on a shaft that it is pressed onto.  A drop of super glue between the shaft and gear sometimes solves the problem.  If not the gear will have to be removed and pressed back onto the shaft. Usually the whole movement has to be dismantled to do this job and probably should be done by a professional clock repair person.

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