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colonial of Zealand grandfather clock. We have had this clock for a long time and all of a sudden it stopped. We have tried to get it going but nothing. First it would go for an hour than half hour then nothing. The pendulum will swing for a short time and then stop. no dust cleaned it out. can you help. we miss our clock. Micky

You will need the movement professionally cleaned and oiled.  The bushings, gears and pins are getting dry or dirty and they can not operate correctly.  There are very few clock repair people around any more but if you can find one locally they may come to your house.  If not, you may have to take the movement out and take it to a repair shop. This is usually not as complicated as it may seem.  I would tell you that I would be glad to do the job but you would have to ship the movement, weights and pendulum and there is a big risk that something could get damaged in shipment.  I am not trying to talk myself out of work but you will be much better off if you can find someone locally.  A clock should be cleaned and oiled at least every 10 years or so.  

If you have to remove the movement, I can probably walk you through the removal if you will send me some pictures of the inside and outside of the clock.  It does not sound to serious.

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