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Antique Clocks/ARGUS clock Mfg. by Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co.


I have inherited a clock that looks like the EXACT duplicate as the one in the picture!  Label on back:
Manufactured by
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co.
Winsted, Conn.
It was a wedding gift to my great grandfather who was a country doctor in 1884.
The picture on the glass is the same, but mine has a crack in the glass.
I am wondering if you could tell me a value.  It ran and kept perfect time about 4 yrs ago when my dad quit using it.
How do I find a reputable person in my area that knows antique clocks to clean and check it.
Should I have anything done with the glass?
Thank you.

These gingerbread clocks have come down in the past few years. The Argus would bring $75-150 at auction. You can go to (clock collectors' site.)and post a question on the message board for a repairmen. It is free and people in our area will see it. The glass is really up to you. There are replacement glasses available but some people would prefer the original.  

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