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I have recently acquired a Franklin Mint Clock. I have no knowledge about this type of clock. I just want to know about its info: what is it made of, its specification, or period of time this type of clock was made.
The info I have at the back of this clock is:
Sporting Companion Black Lab Clock by Nigel Hemming
The Franklin Mint

Thank you very much!

Franklin Mint is an organization which markets some rather high quality items. They have antique car models, dolls, animals, etc. Some of these contain clocks, others do not. The clocks for the most part are of the modern quartz battery operated type which, although relatively inexpensive, keep excellent time. Solid state quartz movements have been around for about 30 years. Prior to that, battery clocks used hair spring and balance wheel movements which were not as accurate but did not require frequent winding as spring and weight powered clocks do. I am not as familiar with the more modern quartz clocks as I am with the older antique clocks. I have had much success repairing quartz movements, but since quartz movements can be purchased new for under $5. from Merritts ( and Timesavers ( there is no pressing need to repair them. It appears the case of probably mahogany wood. As to specifications, it probably has an accuracy which, because of their reputation for quality, is very strict.

As to the age, I would recommend calling the Franklin Mint at 800-The-Mint. They may be able to tell you when they manufactured this clock.

Sorry for the delay in replying, we had children and grandchildren this past week and did not have time to research your question.  

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