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The chime/time are not together. Key has separate wind for chime & time. Chimes every 15. min. 1 time ,then chimes for hour. This is approx. from 1960. It has never been over wound to my knowledge.
Thank you for any information to help correct this problem.

This is a very simple process.  Turn the minute hand until the clock chimes.  If it strikes its first cycle of four notes and the hand is on the 12, Move the minute hand very fast clockwise to the six.  This will synchronize the hand to the chime for the second cycle of four notes.  It should strike on the second cycle.  Move the minute hand slowly to the 9 and see if it strikes on the third sequence of four notes.  Then move to the 12 and see if the hour will strike after all four sequences have activated.  

This will work in any position that the strike is in.  If it is strikes two cycles and the hand is on the 12, move the minute hand rapidly to the 9.  This will set up the strike for the third cycle and so on. In other words make the clock strike and see where the minute hand is and advance it the the next quarter hour.

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