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linden brass frog clock
linden brass frog cloc  
My mom has a brass frog linden Clock from world war 1. Can you help me find more information?

I have evidence Linden clocks were built in the USA and Germany and possibly even France. One site which you might want to access says the more modern Linden Clock Co. did not start up until 1950; hence it could not have produced a clock during WW I. The company was acquired in 2009 by Alliance Clock Co. Linden clocks has been associated with the American company General Time Corporation which acquired Seth Thomas, Westclox and the cookoo clock manufacturing company.

Again, I do not know where it would have been manufactured if it was in existence during WW I. There were a lot of clocks built in the USA during that time period including Seth Thomas and Westclox.

Linden was quite well known for novelty clocks such as yours. In many cases the cases were probably made by someone who specialized in custom cases. They would simply install a Linden movement in their case. There was some mention of plastic being chipped in one advertised on ebay. This clock sold for $20.  However, the fact that it used plastic would indicate it not being this old. At the time of the WW I, cast, brass and sheet brass were all available so the brass case sounds more like a WW I item.

Sorry I cannot give you more information but would recommend visiting  

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