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I bought a mantel clock at an auction and I cannot find much of any info about it anywhere.....The sticker on the front of the clock says "Tander"
"Bowling Green Lane"
"Made in England"
"Clockmaker since 1740"

On clock works it says:
Made in West Germany

Additional info> It has three key holes on the front for winding and has roman numerals for the numbers.  It chimes every 15 minutes and gongs on the hour.  It has 5 strikers....

Any information and an approx value would be very helpful....

Thank you

What you have is a German manufactured movement and an English manufactured case. Hermle makes many movements which were shipped all over the world to case builders who then market the clocks. The fact that it is stamped made in West Germany means it was manufactured before German reunification. I believe this was in 1989.

At one time there were many manufacturers of both cases and movements. Because of mass production of movements this is no longer the case.

There is a bim bam strike Tander clock on ebay and the price was $74.99, I believe, when the auction ended. Since yours is a Westminster chime it would probably be worth a little more.

Tander has been in business for a good many years as indicated by their statement "clockmakers since 1740". They probably made their own movements at one time and possibly still do. Your movement is a little unusual in that it does not use a pendulum, instead using a hair spring and balance wheel for beat rate.

this movement is still made by Hermle and is available from Merritts ( Because of uncertainty regarding your US dollar/Euro exchange rate they do not quote a price.

The center winding arbor (just below the hand shaft) is for winding the timekeeping movement, the left one is probably for the Westminster chime and the right one for the hour strike.  

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