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I moved this clock 10 miles, (after marking and removing the weights and pendulum) in an upright position. After making sure it was level,I then raised the weights and gave the pendulum a swing. After trying for three hours I can only get it to run about five minutes before I had to swing it again. What do I need to do to keep it running?
Thank you, Richard

The clock does not have to be level but it is a good starting point.  Be sure to level both directions as well.  Any time a clock is moved it there is a risk of it not running.  After starting the pendulum, listen to the tick-tock.  You may not be able to hear the tick-tock.  IF not you will have to have it adjusted by a professional.
If it is a nice equal beat it should run.  I think you are going to find that the tick and the tock are not equal.  If they are not equal you will have to either adjust the verge or shim the case.  If you can shim the case it is much easier to do.  Listen again to the tick-tock.  Then shim only one side of the case. Be sure to use two shims on one end. Again, listen to the tick-tock and see if it has changed for the better or is getting worse.  If worse, place the shims on the other side of the case.  It should be better.  You may have to use large shims before it is balanced.

If you have to use a very large shim you may want to try to adjust the verge.  I am assuming that your clock is a grandfather clock when I give you the following information.
Some clocks have a screw adjustment on the upper pendulum rod close to the movement, (not the one on the end of the pendulum bob)if you are lucky yours has this.  If you turn the screw it should change the balance on the tick-tock.  If you do not have this adjustment you may want to have a clock person look at it as the verge adjustment is not something that you probably can do.

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