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I have a clock that I think was made in 1974. I have researched it online, and also think that it was made by Franz Hermle, or has an FHS mechanical mechanism inside, anyway. There are no names on the front or inside, that I can find. The only markings are: 74- which I think to mean the year 1974, then the FHS Germany logo, and, the number 340-020. Then there are some hand engraved initials and numbers beside the above listed inscriptions. The initials say RDH and then G7. Can ANYONE help me find out who made this clock? Please and THANK YOU!

The number 340-020 is definitely a Hermle model number. That movement is still available new from organizations such as Merritts ( They also offer a few parts for it. The number 74 probably indicates the year of manufacture, namely 1974. Later they used a letter code to identify year of manufacture.

Hermle manufactures movements and I do believe, complete clocks. Many case manufacturers buy these movements to install in their cases. This movement was used for many bracket clocks and carriage clocks as there is no pendulum.

If there is no identification on the case, it may be difficult to identify the manufacturer. I recently had a question about the country of origin on a bracket clock. It turned out the clock uses the same movement but the case was identified as being made in England. This confused the owner but I explained this matter of Hermle supplying movements to other clock manufacturers.

It sounds like you have a very nice clock there. This, of course, is a spring and balance wheel movement and has a full Westminster chime. Keep it oiled and it should last for a long time.  

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