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Hi. My neighbor is downsizing and I'm tasked with selling his unwanted stuff, including an old Ansonia Gingerbread 8 Day Striking Clock.

My usual M.O. when I happen upon an unfamiliar item is to research myself into total confusion, and this clock is no different; thus the questions:

What is the difference between a Kitchen Gingerbread Clock and a Mantle Gingerbread Clock? Size?

This Clock has three labels on back:  The top one stating: "A. Langeois Watchmaker & Jeweler & Optician," then "FROM": an indiscernible name and address in Quebec, Canada.

The Ansonia Sticker is at the bottom and is ripped and only partially discernable.  In addition there's a third sticker on the back which includes the address of another indiscernible company or person in Scandal with a the date "DEC 7, 1907."

Was the Ansonia also located in Canada.  What's the Quebec connection.  Also Langeois, I've learned thru research, was well known in the 1800's: Did they produce Ansonia Clocks also?

The top sticker is probably the original retail seller of the clock. Most sellers had their own label so you would know where to get it serviced and buy another one if needed.  It was just advertising.

The other sticker sounds like a repair person that worked on the clock.  We usually will sign and date a repair done on any clock.  This is still the procedure today.  

The Ansonia factory was located on the east coast of the US.  I think in New York.  I would guess that your clock was made about 1870-1895.
Ansonia was one of the higher priced clocks.  Their cases were a little different in design and demanded a little higher price.

The kitchen clock usually had an alarm in it.  They used it in the kitchen as a timer.  Usually the mantle clocks did not have the alarm but that was not always true.

I dont know what the Canada connection would be except that they were made in New York and it was close the the factory to ship them to Canada.  As a dealer, you could purchase clocks such as this for about $4.00 each wholesale.

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