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I have a Urgos 8 Day Westminster Chime Grandfather Clock Movement with the #UW32/3 and a stamp 94cm on the unit. Does the 94cm refer to the length of the pendulum or does that include the length of the pendulum plus the pendulum leader ?
I need to get a pendulum for the movement and I'm unsure of the length.
Thank You, Jeff

The pendulum length is measured in several ways. Sometimes it is from the center shaft which contains the hands to the bottom of the pendulum, sometimes it is from the seat board to the bottom of the pendulum. However, in this case, I suspect it is from the hanging hook to the center of percussion of the pendulum. The center of percussion is very close to the center of the pendulum bob on stick pendulums and is slightly higher on lyres.

This is a problem I have encountered quite frequently with clocks and movements picked up at auctions and garage sales. You might want to get a stick pendulum from listed at $8.50 in their 2010 catalog. They make one with a 85 cm length with a part # of P-1928PS and a 94 cm unit part # P1036PS. These could be shortened as required to get the correct beat rate. You could possibly purchase a more expensive pendulum at a later date once you know the correct length. By the way this price does not include the pendulum bob but they are also available from Merritts.

It is my understanding that urgus has been bought out by Hermle which is a German company. Merritts does advertise one Urgus movement. Oddly enough they list the movement only and do not sell the weights or pendulum that goes with the movement. This particular movement goes by the part number 32-319 and has an 80 cm pendulum drop.

You might check with whoever sold you the Urgus movement as to how to obtain the correct length pendulum, if this is possible. Otherwise, I would do some experimenting to ascertain the correct length.  

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