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My mother bought this clock in late 1948 (I think) and I had someone repair it and he took the electric working out and relplaced with a battery chime.  Not the same at all.
I'm trying to find a replacement motor/chime if possible.
there's a number on the back - 15156X - but says it's a self starting Westminster chime clock.
Any help will be appreciated.
Wanda Grossman

I have repaired a number of these clocks and usually the only thing that is wrong is the motor and they can be replaced.  If the old movement is gone there is nothing that can be done but find another movement.  I do not have any used movements because I can always repair them.  If the repair person put in a quartz movement he was not a clock repair person.  Are the chime rods still in the clock?  I would suggest that you go to Ebay and see if there is a clock with a bad case that looks similar to yours.  If so you may be able to purchase it and put the movement in your clock.  Be sure the case is basically the same shape as your clock case. They were usually either a square carriage type or a curved camel back type.

It says self starting because a lot of the earlier models you have to spin to start them.
If you can find a movement and would like it mounted, I would be glad to do that for you.

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