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I am also on this web site and have been in the clock business over 30 years but I have a clock I have never seen before and wonder if you have.  Anything that you have would be appreciated.
It is a Buchbinder Service Repair Co. or Detroit, Mi. clock.  It is about 3' high and 1 1/2' wide.  It is electric but has a bellows and works off of air pressure and electricity.  I will attach a picture.  I have not been able to find anything on the net.

This looks like an industrial time clock. During my younger years I had jobs where when you came to work you picked up your timecard and placed it in one of the slots. The clock then stamped the time on your card, you then placed your card back on the rack. At the end of your shift you placed your card in the other slot which stamped the time you left work. The accountants then checked how many hours you worked and paid you accordingly.

It looks like it may also have a master clock function whereby it sends out signals to other clocks throughout the establishment so the clocks all show the same time. It may also have a mechanism for ringing bells at specific times. I would have to have more pictures of the movement to determine all the features. There, apparently, were also some clocks built which used air pressure to operate the slave clocks. These would avoid the use of electricity in areas where explosive gases may be present, ie refineries and mines. I have not seen any of these air operated clocks. The use of air bellows to operate the stamp is kind of unusual as most use an electric solenoid for this purpose.

I tried to read the brand but it was not adequately focused. The Warren Telechron company built a wide variety of clocks including specialty clocks. The Warren brand was dropped shortly after the end of WWII. Eventually, General Electric bought them out and used that sealed movement for many years thereafter.

If you want you can send me a few more pictures of the movement and the brand on the face, if other than Buchbinder, and any other labeling that may be available.  

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