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QUESTION: I was given a franz hermle clock model 340-070. I can not find this model anywhere on the question is what is it and what base does it fit?
thank you

ANSWER: This # is a movement # and it may be a balance wheel type or a pendulum type movement.  A more  familiar # is a 340-020.  It is used in a lot of clocks made today.  Each movement has a different measurement from the center shaft to the wind holes.  This is very important to know when you get a face for the movement. If your movement is a balance wheel type movement, it will fit in many different cases but you have to have the correct chime rods for the movement.

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QUESTION: it does however already have a face and hands but no case do you think it may be a rare model or something?
thank you

Hermle makes so many different movements that it is hard to tell.  Most of the square movements are similar.  The round movements are a little more rare.  A lot of their movements are made for a special application or case.  I do not think it is very rare but trying to find a case that will fit it may be a problem.  You may have to get a case kit that the face will fit and put it together.  If you do this be sure you have to chime rods that go with the movement and that they fit in the case.

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